“They’re Great”!!!


1. no i’m not talking about frosted flakes to start our day. I’m talking about this nice  stretch of weather over the last several days which will last into friday. highs will be 70’s through wednesday then the 80’s to end our week. while our weather is dull, the sunshine state is wet.

2. a system potentailly sub tropical will wander through the se through the week due to a trapping high to it’s north. eventually movement into the central gulf is possibile and mositure streaming in looks likely for the weekend.

weather fact of the day ( from accord publishing,bill murray):  in 1962 on this date NYC reached

A: 95*F B: 99*F c:102*F D: 45*F E: 49*F

check back tommorow for the correct answer. please feel free to answer in the comment section,  something like abc can be written in e-mail box, only screen name needed. answers will be approved then appear.

hint: check the local weather service for climate information or search 1962 nyc temps


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