frost threat next two nights: time to dry out


1. dewpoints will be low the next tow nights with clear skies and lighter winds this will lead to the possibility of patchy frost the next two nights, frost adv’s are in effect north and east of Lexington. highs will warm into the 60’s.

2. Wednesday through Friday should be dry with slowly increasing humidity each day after early starts in the 40’s and 50’s highs will actually reach the 80 degree mark. by this time all attention turns to a low off the se coastline. this could have some tropical characteristics with it as it moves nw. the gfs is faster with the moisture and the euro slower. I’ll go middle ground for now.

gfs sun am ( ignore after 1 pm Monday)


another front and this tropical disturbance could lead to several days with scattered storms and locally hvy rains right in time for the holiday weekend.

– overall this week with low humidites and no rain expected i expect water levels to gradually drop.

– wet holiday weekend looking possible

– weather/climate fact of the day back Tuesday ( no post Monday out of town for the day)

– nice day for my annual trip to cincy for a phills game Thursday ( regular post late that day)


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