what’s the sun??


I really don’t know the dictionary says it’s a bright yellow sphere in the sky the produces light and heat, i haven’t seen it recently.  

the sun is about 36 hrs overdue the thick overcast from the last system which has lingered on the east coast has been very slow to erode away.  the layer of overcast is thinner today and high pressure should get into the region today and erode a thinner overcast.

1. we’ll have to kncok down highs as a result today to around 60 with the am overcast.

2.  last weekend the phills were in denver and only had some light rain this weekend is different with a snowstorm of 10-30 inches in metro denver to end winter with a bang there. for us friday and saturday will be mostly sunny with highs well into the 60’s or maybe even low 70’s. speaking of the phills I’ll always remember harry kalas’s outta here home run call, you will be missed.

3.  on sunday clouds should increase rapidly with rain and thunder overspreading the region which can be hvy at times. the low will track well south of us and there will be very limited instabilty making severe weather no concern. highs will be near 60.

4. our jet stream will dig over the east like in the diagrams shown the other day allowing the low to cutoff overhead meaning overcast skies and light rain will be the rule again with much colder temps in the upper 40’s and low 50’s for monday and tuesday.

5. nwext wednesday could be tricky similar to today if the low moves out rthen we clear and it’s much warmer otherwise a coolish and overcast day. for now i will trend toward cool and overcast again.

6. spring is around the corner on this post by late next week. i expect  mid 70’s and sunny skies by then for several days.

climate fact of the day: my summer forecast will be coming out soon!!!


One Response to “what’s the sun??”

  1. mitchg Says:

    we’ll have a doubleheader post tommorow to make up for today, have a great weekend folks!

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