casey county tornado and the latest on arctic sea ice


here’s a report on the tornado. i was watching this area of the line carefully for a tornado over washington county then the lines split and reorganized getting stronger as the storms rolled east into casey county and the surounding counties. these storms would show the potential for rotation for a few minutes then it would go away then come back. I’m not surpised there was a brief tornado in the line. hopefully the damage was minimal and people can clean up quickly, my thoughts and prayers go out to you folks in

National Weather Service Storm Survey Team has determined that an EF1 tornado struck Casey County on the evening of April 5, 2009, around 9:20pm.  The survey team is still in the field, and more details will be forthcoming.  Here is what we know so far:

Time:  around 9:20pm EDT
Location:  4 miles east of Liberty on Parton Ridge Road
EF-Scale:  EF1
Estimated wind speed:  105 to 110mph
Path length:  1/4 of a mile
Path width:  50 yards

Damage:  One well-constructed house lost its roof, two barns were demolished, and numerous trees were felled

more info:

climate fact of the past several days( to make up for missed facts): a status report on arctic sea ice i have seen several reports lately on the issue.

from the ap:

The Arctic is treading on thinner ice than ever before. Researchers say that as spring begins, more than 90 percent of the sea ice in the Arctic is only 1 or 2 years old. That makes it thinner and more vulnerable than at anytime in the past three decades, according to researchers with NASA and the National Snow and Ice Data Center in Colorado.

“We’re not set up well for summertime,” ice data center scientist Walt Meier said Monday. “We’re in a very precarious situation.”

Young sea ice in the Arctic often melts in the spring and summer. If it survives for two years, then it becomes the type of thick sea ice that is key. But the past two years were warm, and there’s more young, thin ice at the top of the world.


this graphic from the National snow and ice data center

15.2 mill sq km which is 590,000 sq km below avg for the 30 yr preiod but is up from record lows in 2006. so we’re about 3% below average.

the AP provides more speculation while the NSIDC has hard data. Still there should be some concern that sea ice cover is low and i’ll update this over the course of the spring.

quick weather notes

1. rain showers will turn to snow showers and be scattered through tuesday accums will be on the lighter side of totals on yesturday’s map temps will rise out of the 30’s with low in the 20’s. We have freeeze warnings in effect both nights. In the far SE upslope flow will intensify the snow thus winter weather adv’s are up for a 1-3 snow minor slick spots will be possibile.



2 Responses to “casey county tornado and the latest on arctic sea ice”

  1. mitchg Says:

    band of showers with snow and sleet forming from shelbyville to lexington moving se. light accums on the grass elevated surfaces and cars are possibile along with minor slick spots.

  2. mitchg Says:

    mostly snow now in versailles coming down hard!!! some spots could see an inch on grass from shelbyville to nicholasville by noon.

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