time to warm things up


1. your monday will feature will a warm-up with full sunshine a big improvement over today and temps back to 60 for highs.

2. tuesday will already see the next front bearing down in this active march pattern with showers later on in the day possibily holding off till nighttime clouds will increase in the day but waa should still allow us to get well into the 60’s maybe 70 far se.

3.  by wednesday morning showers and a few rubles of thunder will be more numerous with activity ending from west to east during the day another 1/2 inch of needed rain is possibile from this activty. timing is bad for severe weather and i see the gulf storms will limit the northward movement of mositure to produce strong storms.

18z nam above

the mos could bust again for daytime temps wednesday as the flow shifts to nw a midnight high of 60 again with temps perhaps in the 40’s by days end.  make sure to be midful of 850 mb images eventhough the blue 0*C line is east of us with precip surface temps will be to warm for snow.

4. the flow will be very quick to turn around again this low will track similar to the one that went through this weekend and be another storng one putting ky in the zone for potential severe weather if the track shifts north should track shift se enough cold air could make things intresting winter wise. as of now it looks to me like a windespread rain very late thu into most of fri with highs in the 50’s.

climate fact of the day:  local tv weatherman rarely report on climate change


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