calander turns to spring, does the weather agree??


after several quiet days things will pick up by mid week. with the start of spring i’ll post a spring outlook as well.

1. nice day today after the morning clouds from rain to our south highs will reach 60 a touch warmer than fri, sunday will see continued dry weather with temps into the 60’s.

2. with strong southerly winds monday and tuesday we’ll get well into the 60’s maybe  low 70’s down south with full sunshine. humidities may be rather low under 30% for these days and with recent dry condtions and windy weather expected,  fire dangers are possibile.

3. a weaking cold front with numerous showers and some rumbles of thunder will move east starting early wednesday the front looks rather stretched out with the start of convection in the morning hours so my concern for severe weather is not that high now.  the good news is we could see up to an inch of needed rain.

4. periods of showers and rumbles of thunder may continue into thursday morning with highs staying in the low 60’s as the front doesn’t have much punch and the boundry stalls over the ohio valley. it will be wait and see for clearing late thu.

5.  by friday a stronger piece of energy along the boundry should dive into the southern plains, creating low pressure to the north of this a rather impressive cold shot for early spring will be present. with the clash of airmasses considerable mositure coming north and the fact this is late march i expect a powerful storm to track from the southern plains into the great lakes or midwest to end out march. in the warm sector hvy rain and severe storms will occur in the nw quadrant there will be a late season snowstorm. we could be caught in between here in the bluegrass and east ky. this is one to watch for late next week especially b/c two of our biggest snows have come from similar set-ups this winter. 

EURO 00z


the gfs is warmer with this still severe weathert to our se and a wet snow band to our nw.

any track changes and this could go either way for fri-sun. temps could end up being 32 west and 70 east or any combination.

my thoughts on storm 2 ( we’re in late march which would favor a spring track from dallas to detroit but the cold air is very dense for this time of year. light blue-  very low chance 3 insnow blue- chance 3 in snow slgt- low threat for severe weather. i’ll update all of this as we get closer.



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