we can only do better from here or can’t we???


1. snow totals on previous post. I like the final map i made last night. a miss with the e-town to south lex band and a miss with the highest totals in se ky but i did have that zone highlighted for the best chance. a mix did occur south the HRP cutting down on totals there. My misses lead to an underestimation of how snowfall rates can overcome a warm ground since the snow was so hvy ratios ended up being 10:1 for some. a winter storm warning should have issued for the bullseye area last night.

however if you look at the snow totals you will notice lexington has the offical .6 and the other measurement of 1.5. this happend with the last event as well and happens far to often and has been a problem for a long time. the offical measurement is at the bluegrass airport. do you see any problems?? 1. extra warmth coming off the runways2.  most surfaces are sheltered by objects or versailles and man o’war rd’s. 3. the sun hits this location harder than most. needless to sday i think using airports as officasl measuring sites is garbage.

the main issue i have with it is i drive by the airport every morning and there was at least an inch of snow on the ground confirming the other report. the nws should look into this matter  but they won’t becasue they don;t care that much about records and climate info.

2. now back to the weather, we can’t do any better clouds should remain with us through saturday with more lgt rain by late sat temps today will hold in the 30’s and reach only the low to mid 40’s sat.

3. sunday we may see the sun but expect low clouds early it will be warmer 50 or so.

4. warm-up early next week hopefully!


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