light snowfall update


i’m not changing much as the models are coverging nicely on a band of snow/sleet to move across portions of the area north of the HRP (hal rodgers pkwy) and south of 1-64. thermal profiles look questionable south of the HRP for frozen precip.

thu pm

light precip delevops south of 1-64 mix along the HRP

snow/sleet continues through the evening and overnight ice may mix in along the HRP and rain/snow mix south.

why sleet thrown in as well?

similar to the system early this month thickness values are above 540 so with 850 mb temps and surface temps below 32 the thickness values may not work out for snow but the  deeper cold layer will be there

the precip will end by fri am



thu early eve


thu late eve


all precip should end by 10 am fri.



the two main concerns from this lgt event will be any ice/sleeet and any impacts to the fri rush hour. gorund temps are warm so 5:1 ratios.


One Response to “light snowfall update”

  1. Mitchg Says:

    no major changes precip should move in this afternoon after verga around lunchtime. the area i have as the best chance may see local amounts up to 4 as qpf on the latest runs is higher there. we’ll keep an eye on where both cutoff lines set-up as a few miles will make a big difference.

    this likely won’t work but i’ll try anyway

    OH C-A-T-S CATS CATS CATS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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