warning: all downhill after tuesday


with us now in EDT all updates will be done by the evening since the 00z models will not be out till after midnight.

congrats to morehead state for making the NCAA toruney and GO WKU for there upcoming sun belt games and a more painful congrats to our cross state rival UL for winning the big east.

1. the next cold front now appreas to several hours slower which means the prime sector for severe weather once again will be to our north and it should be a mostly sunny day with highs well into the 70’s with gusty S winds. could we hit 80 across southern ky from bowling green and WKU east to somerset?? possibile. the front should come through with periods of showers and storms for tuesday night and wednesday the main line will contain gusty winds some storms may be severe so make sure to leave your NOAA weather radio on tommorow night and if we do get warnings overnight tuesday i’ll try to get up this time.   wednesday will see morning rain follwed by clearing but cooler weather with highs only in the low 50’s early. some record highs are also possibile tommorow.


2. thursday will see more clouds and maybe some drizzle south and more sun north as high pressure to the north and the stalled front to the south battle. temps will only in the low 40’s for highs south and mid to upper 40’s north.

18z gfs

tue night



3. friday will feature a misaberable day the exact opposite of tuesday for our early spring standards i think temps will hold in the 30’s and with clouds and mositure overruning the frontal boundry as a result light rain, drizzle snow and maybe even light ice could occur, i expect qpf to be very light but the JMA has about an inch of snow friday so we still need to watch this.

4. saturday and early sunday will feature more light precip but more spotty an overcast will be in place with highs near 40 and lows so the light precip could be mixed. rain possibly mixed with frz rain becomes more likely sunday into monday with highs making the 40’s both days. yuck indeed to start spring break.

5. winter comes back full blast next week for my spring break here at kentucky beach looks like i may have the chance to make another spirng break snowman.

6. i’ll be doing a state of the union address for the blog and we’ll hopefully celebrate a couple of big milestones in the next week as well.


3 Responses to “warning: all downhill after tuesday”

  1. jenn Says:

    Thanks Mitch for giving credit where credit is due ( UL )

  2. mitchg Says:

    you can now respond to others comments on the blog

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