weather and basketball tonight (updated for friday)


I’ve commented on other sites about the UK basketball team it keeps getting worse and worse. In my opinion 95% of the problems can be traced back to the head coach Billy G and a Pink slip may be soon coming, he’s lucky i’m not the AD.  NIT HERE WE COME what an awful way to remember my senior year at UK.


back to the most importsant topic on this site the weather

1. I’m going to throw in a shower chance after all for friday and saturday as the nam and gfs both have the chance 60’s maybe a 70 or two for highs with warmer overnight lows than the past few nights. 70’s will be more wdiespread saturday.

2. sunday will a frontal system with more clouds and a higher chance of showers and thunderstorms with highs in the 60’s.  if we can get enough sunshine aka instabilty then we will have some severe storms with gusty winds later in the day.


3.  the front should weeken monday but still scattered showers and storms are possbile with highs once again in the 60’s.

4.  next week after monday we should see another cold front this oen with quite an arctic blast behind it and very strong waa with highs in the 70’s ahead of it. there could be a 100+ degree difference in airmasses on either side of the front a late spring vs mid winter airmass.  several storms should move NE along the front the first one into the lakes will have thunderstorm threat for wednesday




the euro would indicate the best chance for storms is wed night the gfs tue night, so we’ll start storm chances tuesday night and keep them through wednesday 70 tuesday and 60’s wednesday as a nice streak of above norm temps will continue.  temps will fall quickly behind the front  with highs thursday stuck in the 30’s and my thinking is enough energy hangs on the southern portion of the front to form another storm over the south and ride up the apps for late next week take a look at the 18z gfs.

my maps

storm 1  sunday


storm 2 mon-wed


storm 3 thu-fri



One Response to “weather and basketball tonight (updated for friday)”

  1. mitchg Says:

    my thinking for a third much colder system late next week stronger than ever after the 00z gfs.

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