now the fun begins


great news for you all no  more exams for a while which means more weather coverage as we’re nearing two big weather events.

for thursday we’ll see a nice day with highs near 60 but during the night showers and storms ahead of a cold front possibliy even some  small squall lines will cross the area with hvy rain, gusty winds and a hail threat.  this front will switch the flow from sw to nw with early highs friday near 50 and clearing.

nam radar for thu eve and fri am

spc outlook

day 1 outlook ( for those who see this thu)

day 2 outlook ( if you see this wed night or early thu am)

again gusty winds and small hail are possibile thu night make sure the noaa weather radios are set.

models are slowly trending toward a big time east coast storm

nam still not connecting the pieces

but…  the merger does occur later on producing a big snow for wv northward on this run

the gfs is trending toward a big time snowstorm for us this run shows the potential of this storm going back to my jigsaw puzzle from yesturday with 3 pieces through 72 hrs the gfs merges these perfectly.

notice a stronger low over texas pulling the energy along the front back to the west and pulling in the piece of energy over the plains into mix quicker, more rapid phasing with all three pieces.

fri eve

sat am

sat pm

after 72 hrs it’s a usual garbage run, but if what’s it showing through 72 hrs holds up we’re in line for several inches of snow here. the euro has also gone to a stronger storm as well temps may start near 32 early sat then fall during the day with increasing nw winds. sunday will likely see the continued storm threat with temps below 32.

highs monday and tuesday of next week should be in the mid 30’s there might be another clipper for mid week which would mean a quick goodbye to the 70’s i have on the 14 day but i’ll keep the 14 day the same for now.


now on to my thoughts as promised, i think we have answered there will be a storm.  with a phasing storm like this the trend in the models should be west over east. however a strong high over the great lakes should prevent this from going straight up the apps on our side.

black- slim chance for a snowstorm of 4 inches +

blue- chance at same thing

purple- good chance at same thing with a slight chance of 10 inches of snow.

again this is how i see it now the models have flipped floped so many times on this one but if the phasing  does occur and the models see it i think there will be a western correction to the track. stay tuned on this one.



One Response to “now the fun begins”

  1. Muddy in Corbin Says:

    I really hope we get that purple here in Corbin!!!

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