wednesday update: getting to the warm part


1. wednesday will see highs near 50 ahead of the next cold front as southerly flow continues on the back side of the high moving out of the region a shower or two with mostly cloudy skies will also be possibile.

2. thursday will see a mix of sun and clouds with showers and storms approaching in the evening if we get enough sun highs may close to 60 if not well into the the 50’s. there may be enough instabilty and organization of thunderstorms to produce some storms with gusty winds in the evening. some showers may have hvy rain as well.  no severe risk as of now from the spc but of course that is subject to change.

nam radar

thu sunset

thu eve

fri rush hour

this rain and storm activity will end friday morning and temps will fall from 50 early into the upper 30’s by days end as the flow turns from sw to nw.

3. now on to the weekend  which is a jigsaw puzzle if it comes together to complete the puzzle a big east coast storm will form if not then it will be a dry/cold weekend or one with scatt light precip

what might the final outcomes of the puzzle be???


do all three pieces merge perfectly over texas or new orleans

we get monday’s 00z euro on the last post

does piece two jump ahead of piece one  for an incomplete phase

18z gfs

do we have a piece 1 which is very week and dies out leading to a very week wave from piece 2 and dry weather here ??


we’ll have to see i’ll post a map with my thoughts tommorow.


3 Responses to “wednesday update: getting to the warm part”

  1. mitchg Says:

    uh oh- models may be hinting at ice saturday.

  2. bereaguy5406 Says:

    hey mitch what do u see for this weekend down here in se tn say around chatty tn and cleveland tn just wondering cause i got some planes going on this weekend and i really need to know and the good weather man for my area is on vaction this week and the other guys have no clue where they are much less whats going on in the weather if u could help i will be greatfull

  3. rolo Says:

    hey,hey mitch update us on ur thoughts…………..

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