forecast for the upcoming week


1. monday and tuesday reamin unchanged with 40’s for highs and fair to mostly cloudy skies.

2. with temps near 32 wednesday am as our next system moves in precip may start out as a mix of ice and rain in valleys of eastern ky before periods of rain in the morning as the low tracks north of us.  highs will be near 50.

cold air daming means ice storm potential to our east, hopefully the sub 32 air will not hang on long in the valleys.

3. periods of rain will change to numerous snow showers with nw flow and some upper air energy behind the low.  light accums under an inch are possibile manily on grass thursday am . temps will stay near 30.

4. friday will be a dry day but still cool by nightime snow will likely be on our doorstep as a nw flow which was mentioned yeaturday looks more impressive on today’s models, strengthing the low as it passes overhead both the gfs and euro are hinting at this being a bigger storm by the time it reaches the east coast. saturday will see widespread snow as well. winds will pick up for this tiem frame as well with temps below 32. as usual with these nw flow systems, clippers track is everything. the 18z gfs paints a favorable one for us.

that’s a nice snowfall for our region if it comes true saturday could be a tricky day on the roads but we should remember models yesturday had only about .1 qpf tops.

4. next sunday will be cold with nw flow and highs in the 20’s hopefully we will have a snow cover to enjoy.

5. mixed signals for march the pna tanking would suggests spring is almost here on march 1 while the euro weeklies keep a colder pattern into march.


2 Responses to “forecast for the upcoming week”

  1. mitchg Says:

    still can’t shake my hunch eastern valleys may start off w/ — wed am.

  2. mitchg Says:

    clipper for the weekend looks impressive on 00z gfs the northern side of it may have a band of 6+ snows with high snow ratios.

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