warmer pattern coming to an end


a lot of wind gusts over 50 mph with some of worst damage being in bath, montgomery and at the univeristy of the cumberlands.

1. friday will be sunny and tranquill and highs near 50.

2. saturday will see a week low pressure move through with scattered rain showers and highs in the 40’s.

3. sunday night another system which has trended stronger on the models the last few days will bring some precip through with highs only in the upper 30’s in the day and lows below 32 i expect most of what falls to be snow. the gfs has really increased qpf to .5 while the nam and jma are lighter, i’m still thinking lgt qpf on this one but the trend has been for a stronger system. so we’ll watch this one.

my thoughts



4. monday and tuesday will see a bit of waa allowing for highs in the 40’s with mostly sunny skies. by late tuesday oue well talked about storm will move in with the chances for a major precip event my thinking is either a mix or mostly if not all snow. temps will cool back down into the 30’s by mid week.

the 12z  gfs has something totally different which was a bigtime whacko solution but the 18z is heading back in the right direction. (above).

the euro is near my thoughts with low on the northern branch transfering to the southern stream and then exploding up the east coast for the middle of next week.




the blue shadings for next week are for the chance for a significant snow next tue-thu light blue-low dark blue- good. of course i’ll be changing this every day.


6 Responses to “warmer pattern coming to an end”

  1. vinny Says:

    Great maps Mitch..!!

    I always enjoy your input on all things weather..!


  2. vinny Says:

    You’re doing a great job Mitch…!!

    Keep up the good work..!


  3. Michael S Says:

    Southern KY (Somerset, London, Corbin area) will see only rain…too much warm air at surface…. thanks for all your work Mitch

  4. Shane Says:

    Some wrap around snow is possible Monday but not very much if any. Thursday is looking interesting though, it should start out as rain and then quickly change over to snow as that low bombs over the Carolina’s and Virgina.

  5. Shane Says:

    That first part of my comment was directed for London KY, Northern KY does have a better job of seeing more frozen stuff. BTW great work as usual Mitch.

  6. Coffeelady Says:

    Hi Mitch! Great site! You have good thoughts on the weather, as well, and I enjoy reading your comments.

    I am gonna have to get me one of these blogs! Mine would not be a true weather blog, although it would be mentioned. What I would really like to have is a political blog. but that is another story.

    In the meantime, I appreciate the hard work you have put into this, mitch, and I will be back again! Thanks for your imput!

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