warmer weekend ahead!


1. saturday will continue to see southerly flow which will allow us to tack on some more degrees to tommorow’s high, 53-58. Clouds will increase as well with a shower possibile by nighttime. a week cold front will try and knock temps back down to 50 or so for sunday with more passing showers.

2. this week front washes out as waa resumes with sunny skies for monday after mild lows in the 40’s for the weekend highs will reach the upper 50’s. monday should be the best day in quite a while around here!

3. a week frontal system with low pressure well to northwest brings with it a band of what i think will be light and scattered showers in a weeking state for early tuesday later in the day we should clear out highs again should be in the mid to upper 50’s.

I like the what the nam is showing a much weeker band of showers

4. another low pressure system will form along the same boundry over the southern plains with lots of waa in front of it for wednesday in fact the air could become warm moist and unstable with sunshine early in the day and with the low tracking just to our west we could see thunderstorms breaking out wednesday afternoon some of which could be strong to severe in the late pm and eve due to potentail instabilty highs wednesday could spike into the mid 60’s.

my main concern is for damaging winds


5. we’ll be back to reality thursday with temps only in the upper 30’s or low 40’s with a nw flow low clouds and and sprikles or flurries.

6. our stormy pattern will continue with another one for early in the weekend, i had thought only 1 system for the 13-18th but it looks like we may see two. the front which will push through wednesday will set up the next low to slide further south and this progression will continue through this time frame.  highs friday will be in the upper 30’s with the first system already approaching as usual with temps in the 30’s  precip of mixed type may break out late friday and saturday with the first low of two. also for this time period the euro had been showing something smiliar to the gfs but fell into it’s usual bias of being to amplified during this time frame the jma and cmc support the gfs.

some mixed precip with 30’s may carry into most of saturday.

my thoughts on this system


the storm train continues for this time frame

another storm just 2 days later

if that’s right we’ll have 3 winter storms in a 5 day period. very very active to say the least my guess would be 2 our real and one is a phony. the first one sat will just be light precip the second one will be combo of those two storms likely in the middle of the timeframe the gfs had which would be tuesday this would be our potentail bigger snowmaker.

hope you enjoyed the diversion with the last post and the back to weather for saturday’s post we’ll chat again tommorow !!!!!


One Response to “warmer weekend ahead!”

  1. mitchg Says:

    12z euro has a track further south than mine for the storm next saturday. I’ll have a full update early this evening

    a look at
    1. any early week shower chances
    2. severe threat wednesday
    3. stomy long range

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