winter storm recap



overall a good forecast that i’m satisified with and the fact that this site was the first to indicate snow chances from a clipper on tuesday we did good!!! maybe a tad underdone in the campbelsville area.

i have no major changes to make for thursday thorugh  sunday i did a text write-up on that yesturday it’s also in the 14 day.  the one thing is to raise highs from low 50’s to 52-57 for sat/sun.

3 systems will be on the weathermap next week, more 50’s maybe upper for mon/tue and 60 wed.

system 1 mon-tue


system 2 wed-thu

the dark green is where hvy rain may fall red is the threat for some severe thunderstorms


system 3 next sat-sun no totals and this still more than 7 days out.



One Response to “winter storm recap”

  1. Joseph Says:

    If your last map holds true mitch, then I see somerset will be lucky to be in the 1-3 area, lol! I certainly hope we don’t get severe weather next week, but as we can all testify one year ago tells us we can have some nasty storms even during the dead of winter.

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