white and blues


 another uk  loss today billy G may be getting close to the hot seat in my view 4th place in the sec east in one of the worst confrences if tenn wins tonight. it’s not all his  fault the team has little mental toughness and guts and this shows in the lack of rebounds.  that takes care of the blue blues.

1. now on to the white blues are monday tuesday looks as patheitic as the shooting in the first 10 mins of today’s game. what looked to be a monster storm looks sheared out with max snow amounts only from 3-6 inches in new england. sunday will see highs soar into the 50’s in the south and east where there’s no ice cover. eslewhere highs will be in the mid to maybe upper 40’s as waa continues bringing up southerly flow this may also serve to knock down some more braches tonight as winds will be in the 10-15 mph range. watch out for falling ice as well.

2. a front will pass through sunday night and early monday this was supposed to aid with the southern branch to form our storm instead any storm will not form till the boundry is well east of us as a result only a period of light snow will be found behind the front with minor slick spots and lows sunday night near 30. accums will be under an inch  

3. flow turns NW monday as highs stay in the low 30’s with some flurries.

4. i still think a clipper dives into the region rasing our snow chances on tuesday with highs in the 20’s. wednesday will be cold as well with 20’s and nw flow.

tue clipper path 60% chance of more than .25 snow


5. most of modeling has a thaw coming by next weekend that lasts till the middle of the month

but then…..

notice a peek into the postive area for when are expected thaw is and what follows it. of course this is not a direct corelation between the two but a negative ao is a cold singnal for the longer range this fits is nicely with the pna, nao values as well switching back to cold signals after a week 2 thaw in feb not to mention the euro weeklies are on board as well. so winter’s not over. but we all should welcome a thaw which couples nicely with my first round of exams.  i may cut back on posting that week we’ll see.


6 Responses to “white and blues”

  1. William Says:

    Thanks Mitch for the update…hopefully the weather and the Cats will warm up by next weekend.

  2. mitchg Says:

    it’s begun eastern ky back on the fringe of the main snow band on the 00z nam. clipper energy merges up with the storm producing widespread snow showers for the rest of us. interesting!

    waa can never be underestimated with a thick snow and ice pack temps have come up tonight!

  3. mitchg Says:

    NGM HAS A SNOWSTORM FOR EASTERN KY WITH THE TRACK SHIFTED ALL THE WAY BACK TO THE APPS!!! if the 00z gfs shifts west we may be back in the game with an updated post

  4. mitchg Says:

    definite westward shift gfs included folks se of jkl back in the game

  5. marsha Says:

    Mitch, is that for morgan co?

  6. Shane Says:


    One of my professors in college who use to a broadcast Met in Nashville, told me a story once about how the old No Good Model, once landed her a 4 inch snow storm in Nashville that none of the other stations landed but hers. So while some people discredit the NGM, it can hit one out of the park every now and then. It does look a lot like all the other models before they shifted east… the westward trend has begun but do we bring it far enough back to do good for the folks of south eastern KY wanting snow? I think so, 3-7″s East of I-75 is my new call.

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