light wind to snowy times


1. for tonight and friday temps will stay in the mid to upper 20’s with scattered snow showers any snow will be under an inch i’m not impressed with radar returns tonight upstream. the main issue will be in the ice areas where a little bit more wind may lead to even more branches  and power lines falling. there still lots of folks in shelters and the dark keep them in your thoughts and prayers. on my drive to nky i was astonished at the widespread scope of ice damage at least i don’t have to drive in circles around the airport again anytime soon, bluegrass  of course is back open now.

2. saturday i think may stay partly to mostly cloudy after lows in the single digits to 10  highs will reach 25-30 in the ice areas and 30-35 outside those areas.

3. waa from the south will finally come sunday with full sunshine and highs pushing the low 40’s ice areas and mid to upper 40’s elsewhere more minor flooding issues may form as well with some melting to add to those warnings listed last night.

now on to the storm








00z gfs

this gfs run once again was way to week and east with the low with convective feedback problems

my path


light blue 1-3 to gray “12”


2 Responses to “light wind to snowy times”

  1. Amy Says:

    Thanks Mitch. I cannot get enough of these weather sites! Hopefully the temp will stay in the 40’s long enough on Sunday to melt this ice war zone going on in Richmond!

  2. jenn Says:

    mitch whats your take on the low shifting east?

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