11:00 am update


aboput a 2 hour period of snow to end the storm with 1-3 of accums it took a little longer to chageover thus slightly lower amounts

trees will coat over with the snow, more power outages may still occur


nws radio is off the air, jkl office no power

numeorus trees are down in my yard and the lights flickered earlier

don’t expose yourself to carbon moxide fumes


so that’s why others use accuweather in there blogs!

flooding an issue se temps will fall followed a period of snow

stay safe and indoors folks!!!


6 Responses to “11:00 am update”

  1. William Says:

    Thanks Mitch for all you do…WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY for parts of SE Kentucky until 6pm…FLOOD ADVISORY until 5pm for the entire JKL forecast area. Schools here in Letcher County will be dismissing at 12:30pm.

  2. coloradotommy Says:

    mitch 2.1 of qfp from this storm at my house 1.2” fz rain and 2.5” snow, i dont know exactly but i’d bet the snow ratio with that 2.5” was 5 to 1 flakes were like cotton balls

  3. Mitchg Says:

    12z euro went right to the 12z gfs of another winter storm for monday.

    my totals were
    snow 4.5
    ice .5

    season snow 13.1 getting closer to 20!

  4. mitchg Says:

    full update coming after 11 tonight

    1. storm wrap-up
    2. temps and wind rest of week
    3. snow map for monday very general
    4. not sure on my earlier call of a warmer than norm feb

  5. mitchg Says:

    5;30 update

    41,000 without power in lex, shelters at dunbar high school in lex, eku in richmond and in garrad.co

    danville and garrad county need to boil water

  6. vinny Says:

    OK Mitch…

    Give us some odds on Mondays storm…

    1—10 in terms of size and chance..! lol

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