4:00 pm update


1. http://www.crh.noaa.gov/jkl/

current weather

2. 32 line shoudl hand tough till the early am hours north of a danville to jackson line

ice for those areas and rain south

the potenital for 1/2-1 inch new ice

then the snow on the back edge

video update



13 Responses to “4:00 pm update”

  1. marsha Says:

    Mitch is morgan still going to get rain from reading jackson discussion sounds like we may be seeing ice?

  2. mitchg Says:

    for several hrs marsha but up to 1/2 inch ice unitll it hits 32.

  3. mitchg Says:

    1/4 inch ice in versailles now trees are begining to make crackling noices. the branch in the video is drapped along the ground now.

    still thinking another 1/2 inch ice north of a danville to jackson line

    2-5 snow tommorow morning.

  4. mitchg Says:

    power outages becoming more widespread

    shelter open in berea

  5. Joseph Says:

    Hey mitch, not to be a pain, but how does the Liberty, Somerset, London, Corbin area figure in the possible snow accumulations?

  6. marsha Says:

    Thanks Mitch I know I have been a pain today. The ice here is something I can’t remember ever seeing it looks like a skating rink here we cannot even standup. Mitch when do you think the change over to plain rain will take place?

  7. D. Smith Says:

    Marsha if you’ll look at the radar you can get a good idea. Or go to weather.com to get a good read on the temp. basically if it goes above 32 look for rain, no guarantees but it gives you a clue.

  8. Mitchg Says:

    joseph: 2 or 3 inches.

  9. Mitchg Says:

    ruc holds 32 line pat while nam still gives lex metro a few hours above 32.

  10. Dee Says:

    Hey Mitch, Like your bloggin’! Any ideas on snow amounts and what time to expect the changeover?

  11. Dee Says:

    SOrry, for Clay County.

  12. mitchg Says:

    branches falling in versailles

  13. mitchg Says:

    we’ve hit the 32 mark in lex and frank

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