11:00 update


1.  national radar


current temps




about 2-4 snow and sleet north with up to 1/2 inch ice south so far.


let’s look at the 12z gfs

a ray of hope

change back to snow

a look at the 09z sref

notice how the 32 line never reaches jkl while on the gfs it got to 1-71.

total ice, rain south on the sref

ice totals


snow totals


10:00 am video update from versailles


8 Responses to “11:00 update”

  1. marsha Says:

    Mitch is that 4-8 inches for morgan co for tonight?

  2. mitchg Says:

    that’s a total marhsa from tue am through wed.

    two obeservations of note
    somerset 34* lgt snow
    bowling green 33* frz rain

  3. marsha Says:

    Mitch we have not had much snow here maybe 2 inches we had some sleet not much of that either….

  4. mitchg Says:

    you’ll probabily be closer to 4 then marhsa.

    hvy frz rain coming back in to the region it’s going to get worse again in a hurry.

  5. marsha Says:

    Mitch is that 4 inches for tonight or just 2 more inches since we already got maybe?

  6. vinny Says:

    Thanx Mitch..!!

    Hoping to wake up tomorrow with SNOW…!

  7. Mark C. Says:


    That low level cold is being stubborn. We have been at 27 F and holding for several hours now here in Versailles. I know at 850 MB the warm air is winning, but the models have not handled the low level cold well this winter. I’ll be surprised if we make it to 32. Thanks for your hard work.

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