Fay forecast


1. the cold front and fay have made a nice combo on  a line from lawrenceburg to versailles to lexington and now onto sw clark county where 1-3 inches has fallen according to doppler radar, even some pea size hail.  the bad side effect is that my sisters flight this evening was cancelled, a little extra excitement today.

2. more showers and storms will be in the cards through wednesday. I have raised the upper bar for rain totals a bit due to rain that has already  fallen. the NAM is further west bringing the hvy rain just east of 1-75 and the GFS focus is eastern ky. in between is usually a good bet when the models differ and they have been shifting toward some middle ground. there will also be a sharp cutoff with precip, my aniexty level in versailles is less with today’s rain but the cutoff for hvy rains later in the week is close. all of the rain will be NE of the center. with the storms gusty winds and isolated tornadoes are possible.  I’ll update this total map tommorow.

3. gustov poped up quick today could be another gulf storm.


2 Responses to “Fay forecast”

  1. William Says:

    Thanks Mitch…we do need the rain but we do not need flooding and severe weather.

  2. mitchg Says:

    00z NAM fits in nicely with this map. FALL FORECAST WILL BE POSTED TOMMOROW.

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