the weekend ahead


1. much of the focus this week has been on fay which has produced lots of flooding over florida and will continue to in the next few days. this is the worst outcome for the remants which will be slow to move to the west, i’ve watched paint dry faster than fay’s west movement. my thoughts go out to those who are in the flooded areas. the ridge just put the smackdown on fay and my forecast that this would act like a typical tropical system, preventing any north or east movement from fay. 

2. friday and saturday should be quiet as a disturbance mocks our dry lawns and plants to the west since the soil is drying out things will warm quicker during the day and 850 mb temps can be a little cooler to produce hot weather. highs now look top 90 both days wihtout extra clouds from fay with the dryer ground.

3. the front draws closer sunday with a scattered storm chance highs will be a little under 90 with more humid condtions. by monday and tuesday some moisture from fay coupled with the front should produce a better storm chance hopefully.

– a few leaves are already starting to turn color in versailles speaking of that my FALL FORECAST COMES OUT ON TUESDAY.


3 Responses to “the weekend ahead”

  1. William Says:

    Thanks Mitch for the update.

  2. mitchg Says:

    my self grade for the summer outlook is up fall outlook comes tuesday!

  3. Mitchg Says:

    I’ll post an update close to midnight tonight, i have had a very busy weekend with family visiting for my dad’s birthday and have not have time to update yet. for those of you who need to turn in before a brief preview

    1. clouds mon/tue with 80’s for highs maybe a storm
    2. fay’s leftovers finally arrives tue-wed 18z nam has 7+ rain near louisville.

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